BGP Attribute Checker

Managing or testing an ISP network? The BGP Attribute checker was designed to verify the BGP attributes of an IP route. This script will telnet/ssh into a list of routers and perform a “show ip bgp x.x.x.x” for a list of IP subnets. For each subnet, the actual BGP attributes of the “best” BGP path, are recorded and compared against the expected attributes, which are predefined in an input file. The script gives you the option to check all of the BGP attributes or a subset of the attributes. ¬†Within a few seconds you can tell if any of your key BGP routing information has changed from its expected behavior.¬† The Attributes checked by the script are:

  • Next Hop
  • Local Preference
  • Metric
  • Origin Type
  • AS Path
  • Weight
  • Community