Cisco Pinger

Script to cycle through a list of routers and ping a list of IP addresses. Each router in the list will ping all of the predefined IP addresses. In addition, the router performing the pings can ping each of the IP addresses using different source IP Addresses in the ping packet. After the test has finished, the log states how many unique ping combinations were sent and which pings failed. By having all of your routers ping a number of IP Addresses using different source IP addresses, you can verify ANY-TO-ANY connectivity in your network or test-bed. A network management station (NMS) can only verify connectivity to the same list of IP Addresses with respect to its own position in the network. This is also great for network testbeds while testing (and re-testing) failure scenarios. Verify your testbed has full any-to-any connectivity in seconds!!

“Quickly and Accurately Verify Any-to-Any Connectivity in your Network or Testbed”

New Features:

    • Support for VRFs
    • Finer Granularity of Control by skipping specific source/destination ping pairs.
    • Automatically issue Diagnostic “show commands” for failed pings (e.g, show ip route x.x.x.x)