Customized Scripts

“The Automater” canned scripts are a powerful standalone tool, however there may be times when you have very specific automation needs. This includes IOS regression test automation, automation of network troubleshooting procedures, or automation of any other computer networking equipment that has a Command Line Interface (CLI) or backend TCL interface (e.g. IXIA, Agilent RouterTester, Smartbits). Net-Sense provides this as a Consulting Service.

Why shouldn’t we just create the custom scripts “in-house”?
With the foundation of the scripts all ready developed by Net-Sense, new scripts can be created much faster and cheaper than developing them in-house. The same techniques and procedures that are used for the “canned scripts” are re-used for custom scripts along with the required modifications. What Net-Sense can build in a few days may take an in-house development effort a few months!

What else is Net-Sense “bringing to the table”? Networking and Protocol Expertise! One of Net-Sense’s core competencies is Internetworking. Building automation scripts for networking requires expertise in “internetworking” AND programming. In many cases, you can state the script requirements and we’ll research the technical information and then put the automation script together. Typically this requires two individuals and a time consuming process. The network engineer who writes the script/automation requirements and the programmer who develops the script. Net-Sense can do it faster and cheaper!

Custom Cisco Scripts

  • Nightly, Weekly, Monthly ISDN Dial-backup tests
  • Extract pieces of data from any “show command” and provide custom reports
  • Determine number of open ports on Catalyst switches
  • Perform specific show/config commands based on the output of a previous command.
  • IOS Upgrades

Regression, Functionality and QA Testing

  • Network Protocol Functionality and Regression Testing
  • Agilent RouterTester Automated TCL Scripts
  • Automation of Agilent QA Robot Protocol Conformance Tests (ISIS, OSPF, BGP, etc.)
  • IXIA
  • Create Network Test-beds and let scripts automatically control/configure all test-bed devices. Review report logs to determine if tests passed or failed
  • Stress Test Network devices by easily adding and removing hundreds or thousands of commands such as
    • sub-interfaces for ATM, Frame Relay, or Vlans
    • PVCs
    • MPLS Tunnels

Automated NOC Troubleshooting Procedures (Allow Tier 1/Tier 2 NOC support to be more productive and self reliant)

  • VoIP connectivity/quality issues
  • ATM connectivity problems
  • Test and Turn-up Procedures