Cisco Reseller QA Testing

Cisco Reseller QA Automation Testing Package

Validating the integrity and functionality of Used or Refurbished Cisco Equipment can be a very time consuming process. For example, how do you verify that every port on a single 48 port ethernet module is in good working condition and free of errors? There is only one way, you need to send traffic through each and every port and validate that the port passed traffic and there were no errors. When done manually, the testing technician must send some type of traffic through each port and then confirm that all traffic that was sent, was received. In addition, the technician must perform a “show” command to display the interface counters to confirm the port is error free. Using Net-Sense’s Automation Technology, this entire testing process can be automated, from the sending of traffic through the validation of error free ports. A 48 port ethernet module can be certified in 2 minutes instead of 30-60 minutes and have a detailed log report automatically saved for reference. Imagine the time savings if testing a Cisco 6509 chassis with six 48 port ethernet modules.

See Sample Network Topology


The above is just an example for ethernet ports. The same Automation technology applies to the testing of any Cisco equipment or interface types.

  • What’s Included:
    • Net-Sense Automation Technology
    • On Site Consultant for 3-5 days.
    • Custom Built Automation Scripts Replicating your Current Manual Procedures
    • “The Automater” Software Application
    • Complete Setup of Linux/Unix System (If Needed)
    • Detailed and Summary Log Reports
  • Benefits:
    • Significantly reduce time required to validate and test Cisco hardware
    • Certify more Equipment with Less Technicians
    • Have Automated tests run overnight or while technicians are out to lunch!
    • All test results automatically logged to files
    • Improve Testing Reliability
    • After Automation Frame work is in place, new scripts can be easily added as requirements change.
    • Leverage Net-Sense’s Automation Technology to be “up-and-running” with Automation Scripts and processes in Days not Months!
  • With the foundation of the scripts all ready developed by Net-Sense, customized scripts can be created much faster and cheaper than developing them in-house. The same techniques and procedures that are used for the “canned scripts” are re-used for custom scripts along with the required modifications. What Net-Sense can build in a few days may take an in-house development effort a few months!