Hi Al, just a quick feedback. The product is great! Did like 5 huge bulk config tasks with them already. All works fine :-) –Large Electronic Chip Manufacturer

We have been using NetSense for five years now as our network has grown from three to nearly sixty routers. It is the single most useful tool that can be deployed in any network. –Steve Waddington, Exetel Pty Ltd

Automater is coming in really useful now .. really starting to use it to it’s full potential – great tool you have written. –Large bank in the UK

We purchased Automater back in 2007, having version  Let me congratulate you on an excellent tool that’s saved our company a lot of work hours. –Restaurant Management Group

I just want to let you know how happy I am with net-sense.  It is my favorite tool that saves me so much time and effort.  Most of the time I send a generic command that is universal to all of our Cisco routers/switches so that is pretty simple to do using net-sense.... –Network Administrator

Thank you for making a great product that does exactly what we need (backup IOS configs across all of our devices)..... –Joel Delaosa, Network Administrator