Cisco Config Command Sender

Send Configuration Commands

This script can send any number of configuration commands to a set of routers (i.e, any IOS device). The set of routers can be as little as 1 or hundreds or more!! Each command entered is verified that the router did not report an error, warning, or informational message, after entering the command. In addition, another check is performed which verifies the router did return an error when exiting configuration mode. When the script finishes, a summary log file can be checked for any reported errors. If no errors were present the summary log reports that the script ran successfully.

Also has the ability to send a different set of configuration commands to each router using the “config_devices_rcf” script. In a single file, you specify a list of routers (ip addresses) along with a filename containing the commands to send to that router. The script will cycle through all the devices, sending the appropriate commands to each device. This script also supports the “safe” and “supersafe” options.