Why Buy Net-Sense Automater

Why Buy?  ”I Can Get Scripts For Free”

You may ask, “why should I purchase Scripts when I can write my own or find free ones on the Internet”. The simple answer is Time and Cost. The Free Scripts available are basically a Starting Pointing for developing your own custom scripts. The amount of Time (i.e. Money) spent researching and then developing/programming and debugging your own scripts will far exceed the Costs of purchasing “The Automater” Suite of Scripts.

In addition to Time and Cost Savings, below are just some of the features included with the Automater that are not included with Free downloadable scripts:

  • 14 Separate Scripts including reports. (Not just a command sender!)
  • Technical Support
  • Summary AND Detailed Trace Logs
  • Option to prompt User for password or store passwords in a file
  • Option to Encrypt Password/Login file
  • Support for different passwords and login access methods per router (e.g. TACACS)
  • Safe and Super Safe Options to Abort script in the event of errors
  • Run Scripts through Graphical User Interface or Command Line.
  • Telnet AND/OR Secure Shell Access
  • Industrial Strength
  • Detailed Documentation
  • No Programming
  • User Friendly
  • Errors caught and logged
  • No Need to Install TCL, Expect, or PERL